Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate KT McFarland

“Like too many Americans, I was raised in a household where physical abuse occurred. It was something that left in me deep emotional scars, which I struggled to deal with for many years. In seeking to put a painful past behind me, I wrote two candid letters to my parents in 1992 at the advice of a counselor. Now, in the midst of a political campaign, those letters have found their way into the hands of a magazine reporter.

“I understand that, as a candidate for the Senate, my personal life is considered fair game. But my brother Mike’s should not be. Mike passed away in 1995 and his choice of lifestyle and the abuse he suffered as a child was not something he chose to make public while he was alive. I respectfully request that his memory remain private to all those who loved him.

“Tens of thousands of children in America suffer each year from physical violence in the home. I was one of them. It is a tragedy that plays out every day behind closed doors, often in silence, many times in denial. It places enormous strain on family relationships. A number of fine organizations now exist to help victims of domestic violence, and I urge anyone struggling with its aftereffects to seek them out. I have included links to some of those organizations on my website: I hope they will be helpful to someone.”

  Market Economy: Crash Course Government and Politics #46