McFarland Campaign Launches Independent Petitioning Drive for ‘Jobs and Security Party’

New York, NY-July 11…The campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland, a top Pentagon official in the Reagan Administration, today announced that it has begun an independent petitioning drive to create an additional ballot line called the “Jobs and Security Party” on which Ms. McFarland can run in November. The McFarland campaign is seeking to create the second party line for voters in the general election who want to support Ms. McFarland, but do not wish to vote on the Republican column.

In order to create an independent party line in New York, candidates must collect 15,000 signatures throughout the state, and at least 100 signatures must be collected in 15 of New York’s 29 congressional districts. Any registered voter who h as not yet signed a petition for the U.S. Senate seat can sign the petition. Independent petitioning begins July 11 and runs until August 22, when signatures must be filed.

Ms. McFarland is automatically on the Republican ballot for the September 12 Primary, where she will be running against former Yonkers mayor John Spencer. She earned her place on the Republican line at the Republican State Convention at the end of May.

“New York has many needs and chief among them are job creation and security against terrorism,” said McFarland campaign spokesman William O’Reilly. “KT McFarland is a former Reagan Defense Department official and a proud fiscal conservative, and this ballot line clearly spells out two of her core priorities–economic growth and strong national defense.”

Click here to view pictures from the petition drive.

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