KT McFarland Statement on Minarik’s ‘Baggage’

In a June 29 issue of the New York Daily News, State Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik, when asked about revelations made by U.S. Senate candidate “KT” McFarland of violent childhood abuse she suffered, said: “For the life of me, I can’t imagine anyone running for office with all that baggage,” he said. “Did she think it wouldn’t come out?”

Statement by U.S. Senate Candidate KT McFarland on Minarik’s ‘Baggage’

“Chairman Minarik has been telling me in the press to step aside in this race since the day I decided to run for office. I have been polite in ignoring his bullying tactics for four months now, but no more. Chairman Minarik has crossed the line and he owes me an apology.

Child abuse is not ‘baggage’, as he describes it. Every day, thousands of children across America are beaten in their homes, in secret, behind closed doors, leaving terrible emotional scars. It happened to me, and when deeply personal letters I wrote about it years ago were given to a reporter in the midst of this race, presumably to hurt my candidacy, I addressed the issue head-on, speaking openly and honestly about the most personal and painful recollections of my childhood.

“Through his statement, Chairman Minarik suggests that people who have suffered at the hands of others should somehow be disqualified from seeking public office. I find that to be appalling and misinformed. Chairman Minarik should apologize or step aside and let someone from the 21st Century take his place.

“I have no intention of leaving this race. I am committed to it now more than ever.”

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