Homeland Security

As a free and open society, America cannot eliminate every vulnerability in its homeland security system, but as an expert on national security issues, KT McFarland will fight to ensure that our government is as vigilant as humanly possible. Our nation has instituted broad security measures to guard against the last attack, airline hijacking, but if history is any guide, al Quaeda will attempt something new, something unexpected to strike us the next time.

One thing is predictable, though. If given the chance, our enemies will continue to target high-profile cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. For that reason, KT believes that the nation’s current homeland security funding formula must be radically altered to distribute funding where it is needed most rather than where political considerations dictate.

KT McFarland understands that, ultimately, our best safeguard is preventing terrorists from entering or operating in the United States in the first place. Diligent law enforcement personnel no doubt already have prevented unknown numbers of al Quaeda operatives from entering the U. S. in recent years, and they have broken up al Quaeda and Hezbollah cells operating in several American cities. In an age of dirty bombs and bio-technology, KT will insist that these law enforcement officials must be given every tool available to safeguard American citizens from attack. That includes the right to monitor suspects, both foreign and domestic.

  Foreign Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #50