How To Have A Neat Glass Pool Fencing And Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your property is a significant investment. You can have a place where you and the rest of the family members can take a refreshing swim any time any day. You can invite friends, colleagues, and team members for a pool party. Even if no one is swimming there, it is still a welcome sight. Looking at the clear waters of the pool is very relaxing.

The key words here are “clear water.” Your pool is a great feature as long as it is free of debris. Here are some ways on how to keep your pool clean all throughout the year.

1. Start from the outside. Clean the fencing system thoroughly. If you have glass pool fencing, you are in luck. This type of fence is very easy to clean.
Simply wash it water mixed with mild detergent. Rinse the glass panels, dry the panels with a dry microfiber cloth and you’re done.

2. Skim the pool around two times a week to get rid of dead leaves, bugs, and other trash that have fallen into the water. You can utilize a fishnet that is fixed at the tip of a long pole.

3. Heavier pieces of debris sink to the bottom of the pool. Keep a tidy overall image of your pool by vacuuming the debris out. If a vacuum machine is unavailable, simply brush the debris towards the main drain.

4. Make sure that the pool has sufficient chlorine. You can do this with an OTO test kit. Follow the instructions on the kit you obtained to see if your pool has sufficient chlorine.

5. In addition to checking the chlorine level, test the pH level of your pool. Remember that chlorine does not work if the pH level is too low. You can test the pH level using an OTO test kit.

6. Protect your pool with a solar blanket if not in use. Not only will the blanket lessen the amount of debris that collects in your pool, but it also heats up your pool and decreases evaporation.

7. Make sure that the skimmer box basket is free of leaves, bugs, and debris. Clean the bucket if it is full of dirt. For pool fencing systems and glass balustrading Perth, get in touch with Glass Fencing Warehouse.