KT’s Call to Service

pageabout2For KT McFarland, the call to service came early.

At age 18, while at college on scholarship, she took a part-time job at the White House in the typing pool on Henry Kissinger’s National Security Council Staff.

By the time she graduated at 21, she had moved up to become Kissinger’s personal research assistant, and one of the few female professionals at the White House.

A decade later, after breaking historic barriers as a female professional policy staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, KT McFarland became one of the highest ranking women at the Pentagon. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs under President Ronald Reagan, she traveled throughout the United States and abroad as Pentagon spokeswoman. She was part of the Reagan team that restored America’s defenses and put in place the policies that ultimately won the Cold War.

KT left public life in the 1980’s to marry, start a family and be a stay at home mother. Now, after raising a family of five children, KT is ready and eager to serve her nation again.

About KT McFarland

pageabout1Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland is an experienced stateswoman, activist, foreign policy and defense expert, as well as a wife, mother of five, and grandmother of three. She is a self-made woman who has lived the American Dream.

KT worked for three U.S. Presidents: Under Ronald Reagan she served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford she was a member of Henry Kissinger’s influential National Security Council staff. She put herself through George Washington University, Oxford and M.I.T. with scholarships, part time jobs and student loans.

After leaving Washington to raise her children, KT taught Sunday school, served as a class mother, directed school plays, headed a pre-school library and sang in her church choir, all the while remaining active in national security circles.

Now, with her children grown, KT McFarland is ready to return to the service of her country.